A Rainy Day Homecoming at VRC-40

I photographed this homecoming about 10 months ago, just after Christmas time. I was in the midst of building my military homecoming photography blog, so it never got posted here. This sweet family just welcomed a brand new baby boy to their family so I thought this would be the perfect time to share this sweet homecoming. Earlier this week I shared a summer, sunny day military homecoming in the same VRC-40 hanger, so be sure to check that one out too! 


This was a seriously fun homecoming. The homecoming was scheduled to be REALLY early, like I arrived before the sun rose early. I'm not usually a morning person but I was just so happy and excited for the Massel family! 

Owen was adorable in his tiny flight suit and the group of ladies I got the opportunity to spend the morning with were so sweet. About 20 minutes before the planes were scheduled to land, Amanda received a call. It was her husband, and he was going to be late.


Such is the life of a Navy wife, always waiting and expecting delays. But Amanda didn't let that get her down, she took the opportunity and ran over to VAW-123's hanger and was able to watch her best friend reunite with her husband. Deployment friendships are so strong, and it was amazing to watch friends experience homecoming together.


After waiting out the rain inside, and practicing the perfect "run to dad" technique, it was finally time for the big moment!


It was so sweet to watch this family reunite. I mean aren't these photos just dreamy, and heartwrenching, and so romantic. <3 Maybe it was just because I was there, but my heart can't help but flutter when I was looking back through these photos.


Thank you so much for your service LT. Massel! 


This beautiful, rainy day, military homecoming took place in Norfolk, VA at the squadron hanger for VRC-40.