R.E.D. Friday

   This week so many around America are celebrating Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes a variety of traditions. Turkey, family game nights, Christmas decorating and.... the bombardment of advertisements for all the Black Friday sales. The day where that item you’ve been wanting goes on sale and you’re going to finally get your hands on it! Going from store to store getting all of the things to get you through Christmas and beyond! Though I do love a good deal, this Black Friday I am choosing to take part in a different day as well, RED Friday.


While you are out fighting for the best deals, there are military service members out fighting for our freedoms and that is what RED Friday is about - remembering. RED Friday has a sordid history with many conflicting start dates and beginnings, but the core of the day remains the same, on Fridays we wear red to Remember Everyone Deployed. In the beginning of the 21st century, there was a grassroots movement to show our troops who are deployed the support they have of the people at home. The idea was that these service people are dying for our freedoms and their service should never be in the back of our minds-- “they bleed red so we wear red” and RED Friday was created.

R.E.D. Friday

    On this Black Friday, my boys and I will be wearing red to represent my husband as well as all the other men and women who are deployed this holiday season - and every day. I challenge all of you who are reading this to wear red on this Black Friday (and EVERY Friday) as a reminder of those soldiers who are deployed. Wear the reddest of red on this Black Friday. I also hope that everyone is enjoying this holiday season and all of the fun family traditions that go along with it. As you can see we have the Christmas tree up and various members of the family have gone out to grab some great Black Friday deals!

Fincher Photography is also hosting a great Black Friday deal TODAY ONLY (Nov. 24, 2018) for 2018 Homecoming packages, so if you have an upcoming homecoming message or email me today for details!

R.E.D. Friday Black Friday