My Deployment Soulmate, Gets Reunited With Her Soulmate

When I pulled into the Norfolk International Airport parking garage and started unloading my camera I heard a distinct cry. Even over all the hustle and bustle of an airport parking garage I knew that cry as well as I would know my own baby's cry. It was Flora (she hates car rides and strollers).

Flora was at the airport because today was the day her dad was returning home from deployment. Her dad left just 10 days after Flora was born and so this was a BIG DAY for Flora and her mom. 

Flora's mom Meg was my deployment "soulmate". Our husbands are in the same Navy squadron, with the same job, same rank, and coincidentally same deployment dates and children with the same due dates. Yep, Henry (my youngest) and Flora were dubbed our twins because they were given the same due week. Pretty soon after receiving the news that Meg and I would be delivering babies around the same time, we were also told our husbands would both be leaving 10 days after their arrival. I honestly don't know how I would have survived this deployment without Meg and Flora. Night feedings, pizza nights, and random newborn questions were all survived with the knowledge that Meg would answer a text at 3 am because she was right there with me. 

Meg was such an inspiration this deployment as well, because she not only survived the newborn/first time mom stage through their first deployment but she did it while she traveled the world! LITERALLY! She packed Flora up and flew around to Japan, New Zealand and a few places in between. She was astonishing as always and I was about to see her reunite with her husband Cameron.

My husband went along with me (he missed Cameron, since he hadn't seen him in like a whole week lol). 

I pulled this homecoming from the archives because Meg and I (and our husbands) just went through a SECOND homecoming together. This time around we did it with our toddlers in tow and had adventures of our traveling together. This week we will be welcoming this sweet family's newest addition and I'm feeling so sentimental and nostalgic I couldn't help but share these sweet moments with y'all again.

This Navy HM-14 homecoming took place at Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Virginia in September 2016.