HSC-9 Fly-Off Homecoming at Norfolk Naval Station - The Morris Family

When photographing homecomings I am always astounded by the awe inspiring feeling that each and every person present feels. Children look into the skies with such hope and want as they await their parent to coming home after a long deployment away.  The Morris children were no different. Watching these boys awaiting their dad’s arrival absolutely melted my heart. These sweet boys were so attentive as they took in the scenes and loud noises of helicopters taking off and landing. With each new sound and movement anticipation grew even more.


This squadron had the unique circumstance of having tiered homecoming times on this particular homecoming. So these boys watched as other helicopters landed, and other families reunited, all while awaiting their turn to run to dad. While waiting, one of dad's friends arrived and the boys were able to spend time talking all about their dad with someone who had spent the past 9 months with him and trying on a really cool helmet.


    This family is especially special to me because I was the birth photographer for Lukas' birth as well as their Navy Homecoming photographer. Eight months prior to this swealtering day in August I had the honor of photographing little Lukas’ enterance into the world.  Now on this August day, 8 months later I was capturing the meeting of father and son. 


    Capturing the reconnections of families that have been separated by a deployment is a joy for me. I love catching these silent moments. When dad got out of the helicopter at the Fly Off Homecoming at Norfolk Naval Station I could see the joy in his eyes to see his wife, his older children, and the newest addition to the family. The love was overflowing and so easy to capture on film. The transfer from holding on to each other's hearts to being in each other's arms had finally been completed. They were officially all together for the same time and I was so excited to capture these moments at the Fly-Off Homecoming at Norfolk Naval Station.


    I had been with this family through the excitement of a new Morris and the elation of dad’s end to deployment. This family had been through so much in the last year and I was just lucky to capture the hushed moments and feelings. Being a Norfolk Navy Homecoming Photographer and being physically able to give them those moments back to have is the most rewarding part. I’m glad I got to do that twice for this precious family.


This Navy Fly-Off Homecoming took place in August 2017 at HSC-9 in Norfolk, VA.