HM-15 Airport Homecoming at Norfolk International Airport - Hetland Family

I was so excited when Briana asked me to photograph this sweet Norfolk International Airport homecoming for her family. The Hetland's Homecoming was actually my VERY FIRST HOMECOMING a few years back. Briana and I actually went to high school together, in a small Texas town and our dad's are really good friends. The Hetland's are the absolute sweetest family and their little boy is THE CUTEST.


There is this tricky thing about airport homecomings, the timing. You see, you don't want to show up TOO early and be sitting in an airport hallway for an hour with a toddler, but you don't want them to land early and then you aren't there the second they step off the plane. I tend to err on the side of showing up last minute, because that's how I live my personal life (i show up early for when I'm the photographer though), and I also live 10 minutes away from the airport. Briana however, is a much better planner than me and PLANNED on being at the airport plenty early. However, work and traffic got in the way a tiny bit. She and Gunner ran through the terminal just 5 minutes before Nick arrived home.  


The second Gunner saw his dad he ran straight to him! It was such a sweet reunion watching this little guy run into his dad's arms.


This sweet boy had the BIGGEST smile on his face the entire time we were at the airport. He couldn't stop hopping, running, and jumping in excitement. Whenever he did slow down it was to give his dad a big hug, ask for a piggy back ride, or to tell his Dad about all the adventures he had been having while dad was away.



Once we got to the baggage claim Gunner sat down with his dad and started listing off all of the plans he had been dreaming of for months - Bike rides, fishing, and oh so much time TOGETHER. FINALLY.


Briana couldn't stop hugging, kissing, and just staring at Nick either. The love in the room was palpable, and so sweet and wonderful. This happy was SO happy to be back together and they just couldn't wait to get home and get back to their normal. 


Thank you so much for inviting me to capture your homecoming Nick, Briana, and Gunner! It is always such an honor to photograph you homecomings!


This HM-15 homecoming took place July 2017at Norfolk International Airport in Norfolk, Va.