A Sunny Day VRC-40 Hanger Homecoming - The Joyce Family

Photographing this homecoming had been on my mind for MONTHS before Brett actually deployed. Tiffany (Brett's wife - lol) is my studio partner, and one of my best friends. She told me the MINUTE she found out Brett was deploying that I was going to document this homecoming, and I would have never wanted it any other way.


Support systems are the heart and soul of the military dependent community. The key to success in this lifestyle is knowing you have someone you can call at a minutes notice, having someone that understands you, and a friend that won't judge you for your crying, clingy baby or dirty laundry. This deployment season overlapped for Tiffany and I, and having that understanding grew our friendship in amazing ways. 


I was privileged to watch the boys grow and learn through this deployment and miss their father each day along the way. I was honored to watch Tiffany and Brett grow in their marriage each day, despite being a world away from one another. I loved this family before this deployment, but watching them handle this trial with such grace and love only grew my love and respect for them. I joke with Tiffany that she's the only person I know that is obsessed with her husband as much as I am mine. "I may have facetimed him 74 times today, but I feel like I should call him again." <<< Actually quote from both of us.


Seriously, God Bless the men that put up with us. They move our heavy furniture and fix all our broken studio equipment. I may have added a few "to-dos" to Brett's welcome home to-do list, and for his cooperation I am forever grateful. (THANK YOU BRETT FOR ALL YOU DO AT HOME AND AWAY!)


Anyway this is enough gushing about Tiffany, Brett, and the boys. I am going to let you see these images and wish they were your best friends too. 


Brett thank you so much for your service to our country. You live your life so admirably and I am so proud of you for it. 


This beautiful, romantic, Navy homecoming took place in Norfolk, VA at the VRC-40 C2 Hanger.