A Sunset Fly-Off at HSC-7

Have you ever met a person or a family and just wanted to introduce them to everyone? They are funny and nice and gorgeous and have the greatest demeanor and personality and you just want everyone in the world to experience these amazing people?

Well, that is this family. Seriously. I wish I could let all of you meet the Rivero Family and experience how amazing they are, but since I can't I will share their homecoming photos and pray you can tell how AMAZING these people are just through these photos. <3 

The day of this homecoming (late December, after Christmas) was cold and rainy. It had started to clear up but I just knew that it was going to be pitch black and rainy as the helicopters of HSC-7 tried to land. I had actually been photographing homecomings all day in the rain, so I was prepared for no sun and lots of rain. But man did the beautiful sunset surprise me! 

As we waited to hear the signiture "whop, whop" of helicopters approaching I watched little Elliot. She ate a snack, explored the hanger, found the perfect American flag to wave, found some snacks, played with some other kiddos, and then stared out the hanger. She stared in such wonder as the clouds rolled in, the wind started to blow, and the "whop, whop" could be heard in the distance.

Soon a crowd started to form at the hanger doors. No one was really expecting a fly-over (common at homecoming and big events) due to the cloud cover and weather, so when the helicopters came into view in an amazing formation flying so beautiful over the crowd it was awe inspiring. Elliot just took it all in, while curled safely in her mom's arms.

I could see the anticipation on her mom, Lindsay's, face as the helicopters started to land and taxi to their designated spots. It doesn't take long for all the helicopters to land, but it feels like a lifetime after a long deployment. Just as everyone was given the "OK" to run out to rendezvous with their loved ones, Elliot took off, in the opposite direction. She need just ONE MORE snack. Lol! But that is okay, because it created the perfect opportunity for everyone to run out and leave space for this special family to reunite without the crowd. 

The smile on Elliot's face just tells the rest of the story.