Photo Courtesy of Anna Kratoville Photography

Photo Courtesy of Anna Kratoville Photography

I'm Lacey!

I am a wife to a Naval Aviator, a mom to 2 boys, and wrangler and hustler during every deployment.

I believe that kisses in the rain are so romantic even Nicolas Sparks can't write it right.

I believe that the secret to successful deployments, is girlfriends that know your favorite type of pizza and wine. 

I will never understand all those acronyms my husband uses, or why no one looks as good as Tom Cruise in a flightsuit. (Seriously, why does it look like a onesie on everyone else?) 

I believe that your wedding day isn't the happiest day of your life.... i think those days come after - birth of babies, homecomings, lazy Sunday mornings in bed while the rain pours down. 

Photo Courtesy of Norma Hess Photography

Photo Courtesy of Norma Hess Photography

While photography has been a hobby of mine forever, I opened my business in 2012 while my husband was in flight school. For 2 years I focused on capturing weddings and family portraits, but after our first PCS and the birth of our first child I realized my passion was focused on capturing the moments after, "I Do." 

I currently offer photography services that specialize in birth & motherhood (find more here) and capturing Norfolk military homecomings for families like mine.

Homecoming packages start at $300

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