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Because I've been in your shoes

As a photographer I have done my share of photographing everything from weddings to births, but military homecomings have truly captured my heart and soul. I decided to specialize in photographing military homecomings because with each and every shot I captured I felt your stories. I felt the heaviness of the wait, the breathlessness of that first time you see them, the relief as your youngest child run into their arms and the completeness in that first hug and kiss.

I knew that only someone who has been in your shoes could capture the tiny details that are forever engrained into your brain - the nervous way you play with your wedding ring, the way your kids check the flight board 1000 times in 10 minutes, the sweet typos on homemade homecoming signs. It all is the story of your homecoming day, but it is really the story of the end and beginning. The end of a long deployment and the beginning of a new season of life - one  you are so excited for, but also a little nervous about. 

There are very times that we can actually acknowledge that a new season of life is about to begin - weddings, births, moves, and military homecomings. I believe that these memories need to be preserved for ourselves to look back on, to share with our sweet military children, and for our kids to one day share with their children and grandchildren. Homecoming days are THE BEST DAYS EVER, let us remember every precious detail and memory.